How to RSS Your Facebook

Are you sick of Facebook manipulating your news feed? Do you still want to stay in touch with folks and enjoy what they’re posting?

It’s time to convert to RSS.

The first step is to subscribe to an RSS feed reader service. My favorite free one is called “Feedly“. You have a multitude of account options. I went with Google just because I’m a feedly convert after Google Reader went poof.

Now that you’ve signed up for feedly, head to Facebook.

Go to your notifications and select the “See All”

From here, you’ll be given the notifications page and the RSS feed link should be nice and obvious.

Right click on that (yes I’m in Mac and Safari :p )

Copy the link, your browser may put it in a different order than mine.

Now go back over to feedly and paste it into the search/add box at the top of the page on the right.

That’s all there is to it! Now your FB notifications are going to a RSS app and you can still monitor them from your phone. Feedly also makes a great browser plugin and just recently released a stand-alone app for Mac available through the App Store.

So what about actually getting all your friends’ stuff on your RSS feed?

For that you’ll need to go to your friends page and do the hard part: click on every friend you want notifications for and choose to “get notifications“.

This is the most labor intensive part, but it’s only needed once. It’s a good opportunity to go through your friend list and clean it out too. If you really don’t want to see them in your notifications on RSS are they really worth still having on your friends list?

The close friends thing? Well, I want to extra stalk some FB friends so I don’t miss anything they post so I make sure those go right to my email and my RSS. That one right there was my wife, Redflare.

Good luck, and may the RSS FB option free you of all the weird FB sorting for good.


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