Episode 136 Notes… The Eaten Episode

I’m going to blame my lack of familiarity with the website interface of Ustream because the Producer isn’t working with 10.10 beta. I tried to delete some text and instead the delete/backspace key acted like the go back arrow… and thus the entire podcast was gone.

At least I still have my notes?


Hearthstone: Naxx Opened July 22

Hearthstone: New Trailer for Naxx

WoW: SDCC Reveals Movie Teaser

WoW: New Login Screen Music!

WoW: Alliance Chopper Now in Game

WoW: Announcement of an Announcement: Aug 14th Trailer Approaches

WoW: 10 Year Anniversary Event Announced! (Corgis, Molten Cores, and Southshore… oh my!)

WoW: WoD Cinematic!

WoW: Lords of War: Part 1

WoW: Physical Collector’s Edition Announced

WoW: Just in case you’re not excited yet…

Wii U/3DS: Smash Bros New Characters! (Mostly Fire Emblem) + Capt Falcon

Wii U: Transfer from System to System

Wii U: NES Remix Disc?

Wii U: Mario Kart Mercedes DLC Trailer

Nintendo: Platinum/Gold Status Rewards

Xbox: Xbox One Sales Double After Dropping Kinnect

PS4: SharePlay Coming

PC/Sims: EA Retires Sims 2 Support

PC/Sims 4: The Features You Won’t See in Sims 4

Gaming/Tech: Geohotz Hired By Google

Entertainment: Heavenly Sword Animated Movie

Entertainment: Thor Shakeup

Entertainment: Steve Rodgers Passes the Shield

Entertainment: Hulk Smartly Smashes

Politics: Tennessee Arrests First Pregnant Mother Under Drug Law

Politics: Russia Blogger Registration Law Goes Into Effect

Politics/News: The Mike Brown Murder

And the Autopsy

Politics/News: The Harassment of Journalists

Life: Ghosts are Real in Games

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