Episode 137 Notes: Ustream Low Carb

Episode 137: So you can pop over here to get the actual episode. Below are the notes I used for the show. Rather than let another episode be eaten I tried using the Raptr screen recording and microphone option. It seemed to work rather well.

We’re back!


WoW: PvE PvP Now Optional

WoW: Call to Arms Removed

WoW: Face Changes Coming to Barber Shop

Blizzard: Titan is canceled

Blizzard: Blizzcon Rewards!

Sims 4: Free Update Brings Ghosts, Pools, Costumes

Nintendo: 3D printer design banned by Nintendo for infringement

Nintendo: New 3DS Arrives!

Nintendo: Amiibo Prices and First Characters Announced

Wii U: Mario Kart 8 DLC Packs Announced

Wii U: Sheik New Character

3DS: Ultimate NES Remix Collection

MtG: Block Changes

PS3: Destiny on last gen auto-upgrades

PC: Steam Allows Starting Multiple Installations

PC: Steam Legal Issues Over Refund Policy in Australia

PC: Microsoft Buys Minecraft

Gaming: DM Guide Delayed

Tech: iOS Strikes

Toys: Screw You Lego

News: Ferguson High Fees Demanded for Simple Files

Entertainment: CBS Has Announced Supergirl Series Ordered

Politics: Michigan Denied Custom Plate Blocking

Politics: School Removes US Flag From Trucks on 9/11

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