My Birthday

Redflare helped make my first birthday in our new house a memorable one. (Remember, these are May backposts, it isn’t really my birthday today.)

She tried making an angel food cake for the first time.

Highly satisfying.

One of the things I’d been wanting was a real popcorn popper.

Microwave popcorn is good when you don’t have the space to store a popper, but it’s more satisfying to make your own. Season your own. Get it “just right”.

So why am I opening popcorn oil? Because I just got a brand new popper to use it in. 😀

The other long-desired item was found on this birthday as well.

3D chess.

No, it’s not exactly like the Star Trek version, but it adds that whole new dimension of strategy that is fun, frustrating, confusing, and grants unexpected results very nicely.

Little Miss and I enjoyed christening it with the first game (I beat her soundly… in the game.)


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