Final School Field Trip

We started the last field trip of the school year with Superman quite appropriately as I went to help chaperone.

We made sure to dress alike.

From there this busy day for our little Superman only got better.

Nearby there is a great park which doubles as a petting zoo. So we stopped there and Superman was given some food to offer to the animals.

He carried his precious cargo very carefully.

Then it was a matter of getting their attention.

Lots of excited little hands all vying for a chance to offer these ponies a treat.

Patience would win the day.

Then we were off to “drive” a tractor.

Brush the sheep.

(Face of other little boy removed purposefully to respect his privacy.)

He was amazingly gentle when brushing the sheep. Some of the boys… had to be reminded, but not this one.

Finally it was time to run off some energy by chasing bubbles.

He fell asleep nice and quickly that night, that’s for sure.


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