Episode 138 Notes: CivV Was Too Loud

Episode 138! Here we go!


WoW: Returns to 7.4 Million Subscriptions

WoW: Mists Now Included in Base Game

WoW: 6.0.2 Survival Guide

PC: Origin Giving Away Dragon Age Origins

PC: Humble Bundle Goes Browser Based

PC: Civilization: Beyond Earth Trailer

Vita: Playstation Now Beta Launches

Wii U: Smash Bros U Supports 8 Players

PS4: Friend Share Feature Coming

Entertainment: Iron Man 4 Confirmed

Entertainment: Rainbow Brite Returns?

Entertainment: HBO Announces Going Cable Free

Entertainment: Marvel Phase 3 Announced

News: Anita Sarkeesian Cancels Utah State University Talk Over Threats

Apple: Yosemite Releases

Apple: 5K Retina iMac

News: Airman Gives Officer Wet Willie

Tech: Lockheed Reports Breakthrough in Fusion

Tech: Body Powered Devices

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