Thankfulness: Secured Digital Pictures

It’s something you kind of take for granted after a while today.

Remember when with me.

Remember when you wanted “that” picture you had to go digging through bins, boxes, etc and hope that there was an estimated date on it. Hope that years from then you’d remember.

Now, I can share a comparison of all three of my girls, each of them at six months old, with ease…

Little Miss:

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Thankfulness: For Protection From the Elements

Yep. You see, that is what you think it is: a mosquito.

Quite thankful for a garage where we can load the kids from the house in both summer and winter and then pull out. The same is true when we get home.

They’re sheltered and protected by the connected garage so the environment can’t get at them as easily.


Thankfulness: My Wife’s Talent

On this Thanksgiving I thought I could highlight some of what I’m thankful for.

I’m sure most folks won’t notice these posts until Cyber Monday or perhaps the weekend after as they nurse their Black Friday wounds but I’m going to charge forth anyway and spam the day a little more than usual.

A long time ago, in a home far far away Redflare began making a rainbow afghan for me.

This summer it was finally completed.

We think she started working on it before Newbie was born… so that was about three plus years ago.

You can see why it took so long. Other projects, babies, spills, yarn tangles… life in general. I suppose I’m also thankful for Redflare’s “never give up” attitude.

After all, without that, a lot of this blog wouldn’t be what it is I bet.