Thankfulness: My Wife’s Talent

On this Thanksgiving I thought I could highlight some of what I’m thankful for.

I’m sure most folks won’t notice these posts until Cyber Monday or perhaps the weekend after as they nurse their Black Friday wounds but I’m going to charge forth anyway and spam the day a little more than usual.

A long time ago, in a home far far away Redflare began making a rainbow afghan for me.

This summer it was finally completed.

We think she started working on it before Newbie was born… so that was about three plus years ago.

You can see why it took so long. Other projects, babies, spills, yarn tangles… life in general. I suppose I’m also thankful for Redflare’s “never give up” attitude.

After all, without that, a lot of this blog wouldn’t be what it is I bet.


Meeting More

While out and about Thunderer got to also meet my Uncle Mike for the first time.

They hit it off well right off the bat. 🙂

This one has a unique mix of “stranger sense”. Her oldest sister Little Miss was a fast smile, her next older sister Newbie enjoys gifting new people the “stink eye” while Thunderer is somewhere in between.

She certainly warms to people faster though.


Tea for Many (But Not Many Pieces)

I present you with the thoughtful Newbie.

She is standing there, knowing those teacups are precious, and admiring them, not touching them. The grasping hands are grabbing her shirt instead.

She finds the beautiful. Tempting. Out of reach.

The parent contract has been made. She knows without a doubt that she would be stopped if she attempted entrance to the hutch that stores these cups… so she waits and watches.

Her Nana would share stories of me doing something similar in breakable stores.

It’s a sad and happy sign that our lessons are sinking into this willful little wonder.

We have a strong warrior princess on our hands and I look forward to getting to know her even more as she grows.


A Relaxing Swing

While visiting Grandmother we came across this group swing.

One glance clearly shows it was probably never meant for a bunch of kids, but they were gentle.

And they loved partaking of it. Even if Newbie and Superman there were probably a little on the light side to be trying to sit on it while their older siblings sped things along.


Sleeping Anywhere and Ready to Go Anywhere

It’s a wonder of childhood, being able to nod off anywhere.

Babies seem to have turned it into an art form.

By the way, here’s a free parental tip: stop with the single shoulder diaper bags. Backpacks are the way of the true parent on the move.

All her supplies are right there, and both my hands are free to concentrate on her. One hand isn’t regularly going back to readjust or check on the shoulder diaper bag.