The Day That Will Live in Our Hearts

So it’s December 7th.

Historically it holds significance.

It also holds significance personally.

I met Redflare through piano in 1990. She was 6, and just starting piano herself. I was 8.

I had started piano at 5.

She proved to me quickly as we grew up together from that point forward that I did, in fact, need a woman by my side.

Northward Ho is where we’re going.

Now our actual anniversary is in January…

…but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating the day that we started “dating” in middle school.

Not your typical situation.

12/6/1995 I guess I was acting a little more strange than usual. Something had been bugging me. Gnawing at me. I couldn’t figure it out.

Red flare finally has had enough and declares, “What’s wrong with you!?” A lady who doesn’t waste words even back then.

I wrote a note. I figured out what the crap I was feeling.

I enjoyed the epiphany of knowing I’d found my soulmate.

Redflare had told me she loved me a while before… and I’d broken her heart by saying at the time I didn’t return the feelings. It hadn’t created awkwardness for us, we went about our daily meetings (or whenever possible) at the big tree at the corner of the baseball field behind our school, and we got to talk.

I told her in a note, being the brave 13-year-old I’d been at the time. :p

I told her what stands true today:

I love my Redflare.

Happy Anniversary of Love, darling. It’s hard to believe today marks 19 years.


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