Episode 139 Notes: Old News but Good (Delivered) News

And here is episode 139!

The notes, as usual, are after the break.


Blizzard: Trademarks “Eye of Azshara” and “Overwatch”

Overwatch: The Trailer

WoW/Blizzard: New Charity Pet

Wow: 10 Million Subscribers!

WoW: New Blood Elf Models Prepped

Blizzard: Warlords Launch Day DDoS

Sims: Pools Return

Wii U: Amiibo Adds Mario Kart 8 Mii Costumes

Playstation: Free PSone Themes for Consoles

PS4/PC: Street Fighter 5 Exclusive

Shopping: Amazon Echo

Shopping: 3 Million Frozen Costumes Sold

Entertainment: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Entertainment: Gangnam Style Breaks the Youtube Counter

Entertainment: Sony Lands Mario Bros Movie Rights

Entertainment: Sony Threatens News Sites for Leaks

News: Missouri Declares Preemptive State of Emergency

News: Ferguson Protestor Streamer Arrested Under Suspended License While Passenger

News: Ferguson Grand Jury Given Bad Information

Science: Comet Landing – Organic Molecules Detected

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