My Mom Just Got an iPad (An App Recommendation List)

So here I am, wondering what should I recommend to her to use?

A blank iPad is a blank slate, it’s time to fill it with some fun and useful tools.

In alphabetical order I present the apps I’ll be walking her through setting up to start with.

1. Bitstrips – It should be said that Bitstrips is one of those “just for fun” apps. I appreciate being able to star in comics, especially created by a friend of mine with just a bit too much time sometimes on his hands. It’s an easy enough app to use and a fast way to share more than a simple Facebook status message.

2. Bubble Explode – She’s a puzzle game fan going back to the days of Tetris and Dr. Mario. This seemed like a pure win selection because of her gaming history. With plenty of modes available this is a great game to unwind with for a couple minutes… or a few hours.

3. Facebook – This is another one of our “no brainer” additions to put on Mom’s download list because she likes Facebook and one of the reasons she got this for herself is because she plans to be able to take pictures and put them straight on Facebook without any kind of computer middle-man (she doesn’t have a smartphone.) With this and the accompanying Facebook Messenger app (so I’m cheating a little) she’ll be able to send pictures and messages to anybody she wants.

4. Hangouts – Because she doesn’t have a smartphone, and most of her family are on Android devices, using the apple Messages app seems a bit of a waste. There’s no point! Nobody else will ever receive it. Hangouts, on the other hand, is a cross-platform message system that will let her do what the Apple FaceTime allows her to do with any and everyone: video chat. That was another of her goals

5. Google Docs – Remaining in the realm of Google I’ll finally be recommending this program for her word processing needs. Why not Pages? Because she has limited space and Google Docs will save “to the cloud”. Later will be the matter of setting her up with Google Drive on her computer, but I’ll be able to help her get there.

I’m sure I’ll think of more apps as time goes by, but these are the top five that I plan to recommend for her to download, install, and get a feel for right away.

Good luck, Mom. Welcome to the wide world of tablet computing.


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