Throwback Thursday Merry Christmas Edition

Since Christmas is on a Thursday this year I thought it was only appropriate to share some fun pictures from Christmases of the past.

In 2008, for instance, there were only three of them.

Wow. Look at Little Miss there and then surf through the site looking at Newbie now. Nope, not sisters at all.

A year later the mischief would grow.

Though Superman’s hair would not. :p

Come 2010 TJ was running full speed so catching him on camera was a bit difficult, but you can tell even then we were nicely sipping from the Warcraft water.

Meanwhile Superman was finally appreciating “the goods” a lot more. 

Come 2011 we were only a few months away from the transition to WordPress so while this is all on the old blog it’s fun to show and share it here too in a throwback form.

TJ held still enough finally for some shots.

 Little Miss was greatly enjoying “Littlest Pet Shop”  and Superman was imagining blasting his siblings with snowballs.

Newbie was in the picture at that point now, looking a lot like her little sister does now.

Amazingly so.

For those wondering where I dug these up or what the “old site” looked like, feel free to visit it here. Most of the links and pictures should still work.

For the rest of you. I hope your Christmas was a good one. As for me? I think I’ll make sure the kids are warm and cozy and then go track down the “Greench” in Warcraft.


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