Playstation Now Subscription Plan Announced (It’s too much)

So over on the Playstation blog we have the official announcement finally of how much Playstation Now will cost.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • One-time fee: $20/month
  • 3-month plan: $15/month ($45 total)

What do you get?

Unlimited play of all old PS3 games in the PSN library, with probably more added slowly over time depending on how well the service does.

What you don’t get: any kind of discount for already being a Playstation Plus subscriber.

Really guys?

Let’s compare this to other services out there, primarily Netflix ($25/month for 3 discs and streaming), Hulu ($8/month), Gamefly ($16/month for 1 disc at a time), and Amazon ($100/year).

The only comparable service is Gamefly, which deals in physical discs and Netflix or Hulu which deal in streaming only.

Since, as a Playstation Plus subscriber, I’m already shelling out $50 for online multiplayer on the PS4 and bonus games each month I really see no need for this service personally as it is currently priced. Especially since we already don’t benefit from the PS4 multiplayer (we don’t have one quite yet).

I get games right from the horses mouth, as it were, monthly. No, I don’t get to choose exactly what I want to play right when I want to play it, but having tried streaming gaming service OnLive and the beta of PSNow I’m not impressed enough to think $15 a month is worth it for a 3 month promise of paying.

Sony: to hook this gamer you’re going to have to offer some kind of discount to me as a Plus subscriber. Otherwise I’m going to choose the service I already know and love: PSPlus.

What would be a fair price? I think $10 a month (especially if you’re a Plus subscriber) — half what it currently is month to month. This undercuts Sony’s game rental competitor Gamefly and still offers value similar to Hulu or Netflix streaming only services.

That’s my commentary on the matter though, I wish the service luck. I just won’t be buying into it.


3 thoughts on “Playstation Now Subscription Plan Announced (It’s too much)

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  2. Love PlayStation. Love PlayStation games. This concept has potential to gain my affection, but certainly not at the moment. My wallet is still reeling from my festive extravagances!

    • Amen!

      A price drop and I’d probably do this to give my Vita a lot of extra love (plus more trophies!) Since we have yet to get a PS4 (it’s in the cards sometime this year) we still have a perfectly working PS3 that can play any of the games we really want without streaming them.

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