I Think We Broke Samus…

While playing Super Smash Bros for Wii U I was able to catch Little Miss as Zero Suit Samus and give her a nice Smash…

Samus didn’t seem to appreciate it much. :p

So how is the game?

It’s wonderful.

The addition of the U’s MiiVerse wouldn’t be expected as such a bonus, but I love how easy it is to take an image from the system and then put it on the computer.

This makes me think of the Spiderwoman cover that went viral a while back.

Honestly, as a dad I’ve been a bit annoyed with how little Zero Suit wears, especially when my daughter chooses this character often. Fortunately she’s fully aware of how fake thin women are portrayed in gaming. While Redflare was demoing Sims 4 yesterday they both wrinkled their noses at how unrealistic they still are at times.

Our verdict, by the way, is to wait until the game at least gets seasons.


2 thoughts on “I Think We Broke Samus…

  1. To be fair it is SUPPOSED to be her gear when she is done and gone from all the fighting, just some relaxing clothing after wearing the Power Suit during combat. Still looks weird in combat though…

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