Anniversary Year 13!

Happy anniversary my dear Redflare.

I don’t think I’ve featured pictures from our wedding on the blog in the past, so now seemed like a perfect opportunity at least for a couple.

For the new couple.

I think on this particular anniversary post (so I have pictures for next year too) I’ll share the cake.

Just as we got to cut it.

Well, if we’re sharing the space in the winery (even though we weren’t old enough to drink yet :p ) then we may as well be sure to share some cake with the decorations!

Yes my ‘deer’ new wife, this is what you just got yourself into.

Now, have some cake!

We were told by those who have been to multiple weddings that our couples’ cake feeding was one of the most gentle they’d ever seen. We hadn’t planned it either, just each gently placed a piece in the other’s mouth (rather than the face smearing, I guess?)

So, happy anniversary my wonderful wife.

I look forward to exhausting pictures from our wedding as the years go by.


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