Boy Vs Subway

You wouldn’t expect a little boy of six to appreciate a Veggie Delight from Subway with ranch dressing, salt, and pepper.

Little Miss would go and steal black olives from the sandwich, one reason Redflare gets so many, but now she has one who wants to steal the whole sandwich!

But there he is, chomping down.

Quite the relief really, as we’re fans of subway but don’t often go as a family because not everyone will actually eat anything.

Three kids down, two more to go.



Redflare pleasantly surprised us all a bit ago with making her epic pizza crust.

She and I usually have calzones instead.

I think they turned out beautifully.

My understanding is that it’s a supposedly simple homemade crust recipe. If anybody is interested I’ll bug Redflare for it and put it in the comments.


Thank You Leonard Nimoy

He brought us many things. Spock being the one he’s most famous for.

How many of you knew he also narrated the creation story in Civilization IV?

Without him, and the success of the character Spock, there would have been no Data.

No Data, and I may not have been sucked into Star Trek as heavily…

Without Star Trek, my journey into geekery would have been very odd. The social commentary of Next Generation would have been missed. The conversations lost.

Few celebrities have an impact on my day to day life.

Leonard Nimoy… Galvatron… he was impacting my childhood and my life before I knew who he was.

Thank you, sir.


Sid Meier’s Starships Announced – March 12

There’s a lot of hate for the Beyond Earth universe but at $15? I mean… really? That’s awesome.

I still don’t see the reason for all the distrust. Try the demo of BE on Steam. If you like it, go for it.

Hopefully this will also have a demo on Steam.

It’s not yet available on Amazon to preorder, so that’s odd.

I’m excited for it though, I’ll certainly at least try the demo.


Episode 140 Notes: I’m Not Dead Yet! (Parts 1-4)

Welcome back to the podcast! After the break are the separate part notes. Here are the links to the various parts.



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