Episode 140 Notes: I’m Not Dead Yet! (Parts 1-4)

Welcome back to the podcast! After the break are the separate part notes. Here are the links to the various parts.



WoW: 6.1 Follower Vendor

WoW: Blackrock Foundry Opens Feb 17 for Raid Finder

WoW: New Veteran Mode for Inactive Accounts

WoW: Twitter Integration Highlights

WoW: 6.1 Hits Feb 24

Heroes: Founder Pack is Overpriced

Heroes: Lost Vikings Join the Fight

Wii: Nintendo Wins Patent Case

Wii U: Wii Games Coming to eShop

Nintendo: Nintendo Leaves Brazil Due to Taxes

Nintendo: Club Nintendo Ends in July

3DS/Nintendo: New 3DS Won’t Come to US in Smaller Size (for now)

Nintendo: New Amiibo Mario Set Announced

Nintendo: Mario v Donkey Kong Gets Cross-Buy

Nintendo: 3DS Transferring to New 3DS

Gaming: Destiny Players Have Logged ~100k Years

Sony: Playstation Now Pricing Announced

PC: Windows 10 is a free upgrade (for a year)

PC: New D&D DM Teamup Game Coming

Entertainment: Ant Man Teaser Trailer

Entertainment: Netflix Airs Daredevil April 10th

Entertainment: New Avengers Trailer

Entertainment: DC’s New 52 Closes

Entertainment: Sony Allows Spiderman to Join Full Marvel Movie Universe

Tech: Samsung TVs to Gain Playstation Now

Tech: Sony Threatens Twitter Over Hack Links Shared

News/Tech: North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony

News: NY Times Calling for Bush Admin Torture Prosecution

News: Mall of America/City Seeking Funds for 12/20 Protest

News: Another Missouri Officer Involved Shooting

News: Comcast Bribery Tactics Revealed

News/Tech: FCC Comcast Merger Public Comment Site

News: Teen Forced to Have Cemo

News: FBI States Cell Monitoring All Right

News: Attack on French Humor Newspaper

News/Tech: Obama Pushes for End to Ban on Municipal Broadband

News: Fourth Grader Suspended for Imagining to Have the ‘One Ring’

News: Urban Farming in St. Louis Receives a New Home

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