Episode 141 Notes: Of WoW and Neutrality

Episode 141 is ready to go! Here are the show notes.


WoW: Cindermane Charger RAF Mount

WoW: Son Gets First 100

WoW: The WoW Token

Nintendo: New 3DS Small Absence in US Explained

PC: Sid Meier’s Starships Announcement

Gaming: Clayfighter to be Remastered

Shopping: Gamestop Buying PS2s for $25

Science: 500 Year Old Map Shows Antartica and More

Entertainment: Duck Tales Slated for Reboot in 2017

News: Chicago CIA-style Black Site Found

News/Tech/Politics: FCC Overrules state laws blocking municipal broadband

News/Tech/Politics: Net Neutrality is Protected!

Politics: New York State Purges Digital Records

Life: Leonard Nimoy Passes at 83. 2/27/15 (Thank you Leonard Nimoy).

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