Wearing a Legacy

Occasionally we are able to offer “hand me downs” of not their older siblings’ clothes but ours.

When I was born my parents owned a screen printing business. Little Miss fits into it perfectly right now.

Just right for the cooler spring days and playing outside.

It looks like it was made just for her. She’s proud of the fact that her “PaPa” (my dad) made that so many years ago.

They don’t do screen printing like that anymore. Think about it, that sweatshirt is at least 3 decades old (or older).


Egg Art: Mine

For some reason I was inspired to do a Mario theme this year.

The yellow was supposed to be an invincible star, blue a mini-mushroom, pink… I was trying for a Princess Peach crown symbol. The purple one was my first attempt at Luigi but Newbie and Superman got a hold of it so it became Waluigi. :p

Last but not least, of course, were Luigi and Mario hat symbol eggs.

The kids appreciate Daddy taking part in the decorating festivities. It’s oddly relaxing.


An “Egg”cellent Haul

Thunderer did not want to cooperate with the group picture after the egg hunt was over.

The four seemed to have a lot of fun though.

Later we’d manage to corner Thunder and she allowed us to perch her on the eggs themselves.

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Height Matters

This one, our TJ, is tall enough now that egg hunting is a challenge for us.

We want the places to be somewhere only he can reach but we also want they to actually be hidden.

Usually we went ahead and opted for hiding in plain sight just due to the necessity.

The weird face? The sun was in his eyes.


Thunderer’s Find

The title really says it all.

Thunderer there saw an egg in this leaf pile, crawled into it, and began burying the egg in the leaf pile.

At least she’ll be a really good egg hider one day?

Superman was highly amused but very patient with the little sister but he really wanted to claim that egg and get it in the basket ASAP!