Episode 143 Notes: Raptr Ate My Podcast

Well, I tried recording another podcast episode, and then Raptr didn’t cooperate and seemed to decide to record without any sound and corrupt the video file anyway.

I guess we’ll try again with new notes later?

For now, at least I have the notes below.


WoW: The Token Releases!

WoW: Russia Getting Blockaded…By Blizzard

WoW: Timewalker Dungeons for 6.2

Hearthstone: Launches for Phones!

Heroes: Heroes of the Storm Officially Launches June 2

3DS: Two New Streetpass Games Coming

Wii U: Mario Kart 8 DLC Comes Late April (Includes More Amiibo Costumes)

Wii U: Mario Kart 8 200cc Mode

Nintendo: N64 and DS Games Come to Virtual Console

Nintendo: Lucas Joins Smash Bros

Nintendo: Vote for More Smash Characters

Nintendo: MewTwo Comes Late April

Nintendo: Amiibos unlock demos of classic games

Gaming/PC: OnLine to Close Doors

Gaming: D&D Module Builder Comes to Steam… for $40

Entertainment: New Star Wars VII Trailer

Politics: Missouri Pondering Law to Ban Certain Foods for Food Assistance

Politics/News: Police Can’t Detain Until K9 Unit Arrives

News: Sony Threatens Journalists Preemptively If They Report on Leaks

News: 8th Grader Arrested for Cybercrimes by Changing Teacher’s Desktop

News: Driver Catches Own Car on Fire

News: Michael Brown Memorial Tree Vandalized

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