Sims $ (er 4) Stuff Pack: Luxury Party Stuff

So I watched this trailer, like I faithfully watch all the announcement trailers, and I’m just not sucked in.

I still occasionally am drawn to the idea of playing Sims 3 (just haven’t had the time) but buying Sims 4?


While the first expansion looked neat (active jobs!) it’s still lacking pretty heavily in the important places for me to be sucked in.

Sorry EA, still not sold.


8 thoughts on “Sims $ (er 4) Stuff Pack: Luxury Party Stuff

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  2. I’m huge fan of Sims. I been playing since 1 came out to PS2. I was hook on the game after that.

    I feel Sims 4 is waste of money. Its boring and there not much you can do. Yes I got the game. I didn’t buy it, it was a gift.


  3. Meh. It’s fun enough if you have nothing else to do at the time. (I play it if I don’t want to accidentally get sucked into Minecraft for 6 hours or play DA:I for days on end). The way towns work is a huge bummer though, you are SUPER limited in how many active households you can have at a time because there are only so many housing plots available. 😦

    • Oh, I can’t argue there. I tried a free demo a while back and was impressed. Since I was a Sims 3 junkie and own all of the expansions/stuff packs there I have a really hard time justifying to myself to buy into #4 just yet.

      (Where’s my color wheel! *cries* )

      That, and this is a game I do get sucked in on… I have 256 hours logged in Sims 3. It’s my second most played game since I joined Raptr and started tracking that kind of thing. Before I discovered WoW it was my go to “kill the weekend” game.

      • Oh lawdy don’t get me started about how much of my life I have wasted playing WoW! :3

        While I hated placing lots (because of elevation issues) in TS3 it was AMAZING because players could literally customize every facet of their game experience if they so choose (like Skyrim on PC but on way more crack).

        The Modding community was absolutely insane, you could literally tweak the game to fulfill your every desire. With TS4 everything is clunky and modding is practically a pipe dream. I used to spend HOURS looking through websites for clothing and hairstyles and clothes and furniture for my little fake-people and now I’m lucky if I can find a halfway decent long hairstyle for my Sims to sport for a party. T_T

        That isn’t to say that they haven’t moved in an interesting direction – professions that you can play has been something that I’ve looked forward to since Sims 1, but after the first two days it is super repetitive and you just send the little buggers on their merry way. (Unless you roll a detective – that job is a little more fun.)

        Beh, I could go on about this all day. XD

        • Modding… I remember in Sims 2 days when I was constantly watching sits like to be sure I had the latest new cool objects, hairs, etc.

          Sims 3 felt like it built all that in with the color wheel (aside from finding those perfect hairstyles for the female sims).

          Sad to hear 4 is problematic in that arena. It’s still young. I’m holding out hope… I’m just not spending money on it until some special collection that allows it to catch up with some of the base Sims 3 features.

          • Yeah. I kind of wish I had held out on purchasing it myself – I really hate that you have to load the game via Origin.

            Don’t get me wrong the game is wicked fun, but it is still in that awkward stage where there aren’t enough expansion packs to offer as much as the previous version but is still shiny and new and has features that couldn’t be implemented in 3. X_X

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