“She Followed Me Home”

The cat came back, the very next day… Following Little Miss home.

The thing TJ was holding? A pack of tuna.

Yes, they fed her.

With as friendly but hungry as she was we thought she surely belonged to somebody else and just wandered a bit too far away.


Cat Watcher

So as we did our gardening and whatnot a cat decided to stop by and watch us as we worked.

“Everyone” was outside on such a lovely weekend, and so we watched as she wandered the neighborhood but kept coming back to us.

I felt like we were being interviewed or something.


Homemade Pasta and Sauce

So on a whim I tried something I normally don’t: cook from scratch.

Naturally I didn’t make the noodles from scratch, but I did make the garlic butter sauce from scratch.

It was a lot better than Redflare expected. Rare that I’m able to pull something like that off.

Not sure it’s something I would attempt again though.


Sims $ (er 4) Stuff Pack: Luxury Party Stuff

So I watched this trailer, like I faithfully watch all the announcement trailers, and I’m just not sucked in.

I still occasionally am drawn to the idea of playing Sims 3 (just haven’t had the time) but buying Sims 4?


While the first expansion looked neat (active jobs!) it’s still lacking pretty heavily in the important places for me to be sucked in.

Sorry EA, still not sold.


Daddy Daughter Dance

Speaking of dancing, there was a daddy-daughter dance.

Fortunately for me, she doesn’t mind wearing the same dress for more than one occasion, so we’ve been able to make good use out of this one.

And me? Well, we bought this suit as I was preparing to graduate from grad school and if anything, the pants are a little loose on me, so that’s nice.

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