Episode 144 Notes: Gamingly Entertaining

Well, you can pop over and see/listen/subscribe to the podcast itself here.

Below are the links/notes I used.


WoW: Subscriptions Dip to 7.1 million from 10 million

WoW: Mystic Runesaber Store Mount

Heroes: Retail Starter Bundle Announced

Heroes: Kael’thas Coming to the Roster

Hearthstone: New Hero Skins – Magni Warrior

Gaming/Entertainment: Nintendo Themed Rides Coming to Universal Studios

Gaming: Civ Beyond Earth Rising Tide Announcement

Gaming: Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff Pack Announcement

Gaming: Wildstar to go Free to Play

Wii U: Terraria Coming

Gaming: WoW, SMB1, Tetris, Pong, Pac-Man Inducted to First Video Game Hall of Fame

Gaming/Shopping: Steam To Now Issue Refunds

Science: NASA May Have Warp Field

News: Man Who Filmed Freddie Gray Arrest Arrested

Politics: US Faced Latest UN Human Rights Review Poorly

Entertainment: Agents of Shield and Agent Carter Renewed

Entertainment: Jem and the Holograms Trailer

Entertainment: Supergirl Promo Arrives

Entertainment: Mega Man Series In Productionm

Geekery: Gamestop buys Thinkgeek

Politics: You’re Entitled to Be Stupid and Not be Charged

Tech/Life: Employee Fired for Disabling Mobile App

Tech: Google/Oracle Java API Appeal- Justice Department Weighs In

Toys: Black Widow Does Not Appear on Iconic Movie Scene Toy

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