Episode 145 Notes: E3 Attack (2015)

We mostly hit all the E3 announcements in this episode of the show. Then a few other tidbits of news from the political realm. You can find the episode over here.

Show notes, as usual, are after the break.

WoW: Flying Returns!

WoW: Wowhead’s Guide to Unlocking Flying

WoW: Shipyard Preview

WoW: Gold from Garrison Nerf Approaching?

WoW: 6.2 Trailer Released

WoW: Actually Won a Contest

Heroes: New Hero and Map Announced

Hearthstone: Tavern Brawl Feature

Hearthstone: More Commercial Shorts

Gaming: Mega Man Legacy Collection Announcement

Nintendo: Smash Bros News Prior to E3

  • Tournament Mode Coming
  • Ryu, Roy, Lucas downloadable/buyable now
  • YouTube Upload Feature Coming
  • More Mii Fighter Costumes Coming
  • Two New Stages: Miiverse and Dreamland

Nintendo: Star Fox Zero Annouced

Gaming/Nintendo: Skylanders + Amiibo!

3DS: Triforce Heroes Announced

3DS: Hyrule Warriors Announced

3DS: Metroid Prime Federation Force Announced

Wii U: Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Announced 2016

Wii U: Mario Maker Amiibo Support (Releases 9/11)

Gaming: Rock Band 4 Pricey ($250!?)

Xbox: Backwards Compatibility Announced

Xbox/PC: Fallout 4 Mods Transferrable and Xbox Copy Comes with Fallout 3

Xbox/PC: MineCraft Gets HoloLens Support

Sony/PS4: Final Fantasy VII Remake

PS4: Media Player Released

PS4: No Backwards Compatibility Planned

Sims 4: Patio Stuff

Entertainment: Hogwarts of the US

Politics: Texas Voting Fraud Law Prevents 101 Year Old Woman From Voting

News: AT&T Slapped With FCC Throttling Fine: 100 Million

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