Cat Destruction

So, who knew that cats like ramen!?

At least this one seems to.

We left her alone downstairs and she found our ramen cup supply and decided to help herself to a ramen cup!

And this is why we mostly keep her out in the three season porch right now.



Baby With the Ball

So Thunderer was trying to figure out how to throw this ball. Most of the time she held it over her head and then it would roll off the top of her head instead.

She’d then chase the ball saying “Me Me Me” which is her way of telling us that she wants another turn and believes the object in question is hers.

The video quality is poor because at the time the overhead light wasn’t working but you can still catch her having a blast.


Surging Forth

I thought I’d sneakily schedule my final birthday picture to this morning rather than making a triple post day.

I’m a proud owner of a small Surge stockpile now.

The only fear is, do I sit back, relax, and enjoy these cans of sugary goodness or do I hoard them away for just the right time?

I drink a lot less soda than I used to, so the cases I have now will likely last me quite a while.


Candle Blowout

Of course as we get older we start using fewer candles.

This year Redflare divided the amount of candles needed by 11. :p

There in my lap rested a sleeping Thunderer.

It seems that once everybody woke me up at 5AM on my birthday it was time for at least one of the little culprits to take a nap!