Superman’s Birthday (2015)

That’s right, we get to celebrate three birthdays in one month for the boys and do it all again for the girls.

Superman’s birthday is the last of this trio.

So he went from this.

To this.

Superman was quite pleased with all his gifts, which included us painting a section of wall in the basement with magnetic paint.

Took the whole can, but he was highly pleased with it.

I think he had a very good birthday.

Still hard to believe that Little Miss greeted him into the world looking so much like Newbie at the time.

What was fun is that he wanted to join in making his cake. He quite appreciated licking the batter from the bowl afterward.

Very thoughtful as he helps add the ingredients.

When we went out for his birthday dinner (McDonalds) we all found a Superman shirt to put on and went as an invasion force.

Thunderer was tired and wanted nothing to do with taking a picture, which she proved by sleeping through all of lunch.

He had a great birthday.



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