Spider Kids

Superman found a couple of his Spiderman costumes and graciously shared with Newbie.

Not sure why they went with the Venom style… I know at least one of them is reversible. Maybe they both aren’t and they wanted to match.

While you can’t see Superman’s face at all, what we have here is a rare Newbie smile in its natural habitat.


Baby Red

Continuing my line of creativity this little kitten gained the name “Red” fairly quickly. For the spot of red/orange fur at the top of her head, of course.

Like the other picture posted today, she’s six days old in this picture.


Kitten Pile

In a family of five, sometimes you’re going to catch yourself putting things in a pile to “put it away” rather than really putting it where it belongs.

I just didn’t know you could stack kittens the same way!

They were 6 days old at this point.