Episode 146 Notes: Hold My Beer

Episode 146 is ready to go!

After the break are the show notes.


WoW: Pet Cats Now Lap Sit!

WoW: 5.6 Million Subscribers

WoW: Legion Announced

Heroes: Leoric Arrives

Hearthstone: Grand Tournament Expansion

Nintendo/3DS: Pokemon Shuffle Goes Mobile

Nintendo/Sony: SNES Playstation Prototype Found

Nintendo: President Iwata Passes Away

Gaming: Super Mario Bros 3 Redone in Yarn

PS4: Street Fighter 5 – Earn Characters/Updates

Apple: Apple Music Streaming Service Will Pay During Free Trial

Apple: Removing Civil War Based Games from App Store

Apple: Working With Developers of Confederate Flag Games Removed Incorrectly

Entertainment: Insidious/Inside Out Mixup

Entertainment: No Back to the Future Remakes

Entertainment/Zoo: “Playing” Grizzly Breaks Glass

Science: First NASA Pluto Pictures

Science: NASA Celebrates New Horizons’ Close Approach to Pluto

Science: Study: Low Status Men Bully Women

Politics: Gay Marriage Bans Deemed Unconstitutional

Poltics/Entertainment: Chicago to Apply “Netflix Tax”

News: Woman Arrested for Leaving Kids 30 Feet Away

News: Children Sentenced in Contempt of Court for Not Wanting Abusive Father

News: Jared of Subway Fame House Raided

News: Police Lie Regarding Another Shooting

News: Man Attacked/Killed by Alligator

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