25 Years – Throwback Thursday Part 1

While I won’t always do a “throwback Thursday” today seemed like a good day to set one up.

As of these last weeks of August Redflare and I have known each other for twenty-five years!

“I don’t need no woman by my side”

“Oh yeah!”

How do I know this?

Well, we both amazingly moved to the same town that month in 1990.

Naturally we were friends first, though we got to hold hands at the sweetheart dance back in February of 1996…

I moved away in 1998, but we did our best to stay in touch during those years.

We “dated” other people during that time, but it wasn’t long after I went to college that we were able to find an apartment together.

It was nerve-wracking driving the trailer of furniture from the town we met to the one where I was going to school, but we pulled it off.

Most of the furniture in that picture isn’t still around. :p

She’d join me on campus almost every day, though eventually we found campus less interesting than the ramen, cheese, bread, and pepsi menu we could throw together on our own.


3 thoughts on “25 Years – Throwback Thursday Part 1

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