25 Years – Throwback Thursday Part 2

Let’s fast forward now as we celebrate week 2 of twenty five years of knowing each other.

Naturally, we got married January 26, 2002. She turned 18 a week before and the state requirement is that you need a few days to wait, so we waited for the next weekend.

I picked the date, but there in her diary we found later she had dreamed of this exact date (not the year) that would be her wedding day.

Our first youngling was born that year too! Our family started the growing process it was destined for with our TJ.

So there are a couple of our throwbacks for 2015… celebrating 25 years of knowing each other.

Unfortunately we don’t have an exact date like we do some of our other milestones, but how could a 6 year old and an eight year old know what wondrous things were in store for them?


One thought on “25 Years – Throwback Thursday Part 2

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