Ready For My Closeup (Kitten)

Just look at those piercing blue eyes!

It’s harder to get a picture of a black cat than you’d think (unless you’ve tried).

This is one of our first best shots of him.


Where’s Mom?

The kittens weren’t getting out of the box successfully yet, but they could stand up at the edge of the box and ask where Mommy Grey went.


My Wife is My Hero

(Written 8/19/15 and scheduled for later.)

There’s a song that was composed by Danny Weissner for an IGN podcast called “The World is Saved”. It resonates with me because, as fellow gamers will recognize, there’s a huge satisfaction that comes from finishing a great video game.

The same can be said for books. I finished reading All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness the night I began writing this.

I remember in an undergraduate writing class being confronted with surprise when my protagonist was a strong woman. Why would an average white male (or somebody with the appearance as such) have a strong woman as his protagonist? What could he possibly know about women that would allow him to actually pull of writing her in such a way that he would do her justice?

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