Explaining “Color” to Kids

That’s me up there. I’m proudly 1/8th Ojibwe but also mixed in is Irish, Chech, French, etc.

Then my pale Superman asks me innocently this morning, “Why are people different colors?”

I point out that my shade is different from his and also from Redflare’s, floundering.

Redflare attacks the science: genetic pigmentation. It’s the same reason he has blue eyes and Little Miss has brown but Thunderer also has blue eyes and his skin color is closer to Redflare’s than mine.

The point we tried to stress to this innocent little boy who just started 1st grade without getting into world events was the simple truth: we’re all different colors and that it’s just another sign that we’re different.

He nods, seemingly understanding. I hope he really does understand.

Racism isn’t natural, it’s taught. You’re stuck fighting “teachings” of others as well though in this arena. Who knows if one of his classmates said something horrible learned from their family or not.

In a small town in the Midwest it’s not a subject that really comes up very often. All I can really hope is that we’re leading well by example and continue to stress that differences are to be celebrated… that the color of eyes, skin, or anything else doesn’t matter.

Being a parent is hard sometimes. We’re raising little humans that will hopefully make some corner of the world a better place.


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