Episode 147 Notes: In Hearthstone Getting Pwned

Here’s the episode 147 show notes!

WoW: 12 Character Sots, More Class Changes Coming

WoW/Entertainment: More Books Coming From Random House

Heroes: Dynamic Bundles

Gaming: Mega Man Legacy Collection Looks Gimped

Nintendo/3DS: New Nintendo 3DS Standard Announced for US (Game Currently Included :/ )

Nintendo/Shopping: Amazon Now Selling Nintendo eShop Downloads

Nintendo: Star Fox Delayed to 2016

Gaming/Mobile: Pokemon Go

Shopping: Target to Remove Gender Based Labels

Entertainment: Sesame Street Moving to HBO for Funding

Entertainment: Xena Reboot in Early Production

Tech/Apple: Phone Tech Companies Vs US Government

Education: Ninth Grader Arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School

News: San Antonia Video Shows Man With Arms Raised Shot

News: UK Immigration Handling Failure (Now a Hunger Strike)

News: Gerrimandering Backfires for a CID District

News: New Jersey Pollution Settlement Raises Eyebrows

  • (2.5million instead of 8.9billion)
  • 50million going to environment cleanup (rest to lawyer fees and general fund)

News: Day Care Fight Club?

News: TN Judge Not Allowing Divorce

News: Happy Birthday Not Copyright

Science: New Horizon’s Next Target

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