Episode 148 Notes: Takes Three

And over here you can catch the show notes!

Here’s the actual episode.

WoW: Cata Timewalking Approaches

Overwatch: Closed Beta Starts Oct 27

Blizzard: Linkin Park Performing Blizzcon 2015

Gaming/Social: Pokemon Company Sues Man for Themed Party

Gaming: Wildstar Now Free to Play

Gaming/Medicine: American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Screen Time Guidelines

Gaming: Lego Marvels Avengers Announcement Trailer

Science: NASA Confirms Liquid Water on Mars

News: Planned Parenthood Investigation: No Wrongdoing Found

News: RushCard Glitch Locking Users From Accounts

Tech: Apple Says it Can’t Let Government In

Entertainment: DC Super Hero Girls

Toys: DC Super Hero Girls

Entertainment: X-Files Return Trailer!

Entertainment: Nothing Left in Back to the Future Tank

Entertainment: Hulk Actor in Final Talks for Thor 3

Entertainment: Ratchet & Clank Official Trailer

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