Driveway Squats

While preparing Newbie in the stroller Thunderer here decided to go rock hunting in the driveway.

This rear view nicely shows off all those baby curls on the back of her head while in front you can see the guilty face after being told not to eat rocks.

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Lady of the Light

Recently Little Miss attempted to rebuff an immature boy who probably liked her but was going about it the wrong way by regularly patting her on the head and speaking down to her.

After about a week she told us about it and Daddy intervened.

Okay, so Redflare was there too, but as she described it, I puffed up and looked my most menacing, especially to an ~11 year old boy.

“Leave Little Miss alone.” I said it matter-of-factly.

He tried to deny it (which I didn’t hear because he was looking away). Redflare then quoted him, “We do care about her girl problems, so stop patting her on the head and bothering her.”

He nodded and skittered onto the bus where he stayed as far away from my Little Miss as possible.

First instance of getting to be scary dad complete.

I should point out that her big brother also asked who this boy was… so now the entire school knows my Little Miss has parents that will intervene on their behalf, and boys better leave her alone.

*happy dad evil cackle*