Episode 149 Notes: Blizzcon 2015 Reactions

Episode 149 can be found over here and the show notes are below.


WoW: Subs Stabilize at 5.5 Million

WoW: New Mana Kitty Make-a-Wish Foundation Pet

WoW: New Endgame System

WoW: Druid Boomkin and Water Form Skin Updates

WoW: Leveling in Legion Scales by Zone

WoW: Legion Challenge Modes for Dungeons

WoW: Artifact Weapon Images

WoW: Warcraft Movie Trailer

WoW: Legion Trailer

WoW: Transmog Changes

WoW: Flying Confirmed for Legion

WoW: Multispec Coming to Legion

Blizzcon: Cosplay Images

Hearthstone: New Explorer’s League Adventure Expansion

Overwatch: Voice Chat Test Coming with Beta

Overwatch: Getting Animated Shorts

Overwatch: Getting Comic Shorts

Overwatch: Character Diversity Planned

Blizzard: Considering Updating Warcraft 3, Starcraft, and Daiblo 2 to HD

Blizzard/Activision: Opening a film/television studio

StarCraft II: New DLC Trailer

Vita: Sony No Longer Developing First Party Games

Entertainment: Ghostbusters Intro 3D Remake

Entertainment: New Japanese Force Awakens Trailer

Gaming/News: Missouri College Recruiting for League of Legends Players

News: Giant Spy Blimp On the Loose

News: China Ends One-Child Policy (Now Two Allowed)

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