A Fungus AmongUs

While walking our property’s perimeter Redflare spotted this odd mushroom.

I’ve said for a long time the phrase “There’s a fungus among us” at various times. She had no idea where the reference came from until much later when watching Super Mario Super Show with the kids.

I couldn’t find a youtube clip with the episode where the genie says it regarding Toad but  you can tell I’ve been rubbing off on her if she exclaims it as we pass by.


Thunderer’s Birthday!

Happy birthday my now two year old.

I made this scheduled to post right on her birth minute.

Thus ends the “baby” tag on the site. I’ll still use it if we have an adorable picture from before she turned two (like this one) but don’t be surprised if you need to start searching by Thunderer on the site rather than just “baby”.


Gifts Approved

Our nephew’s birthday was in October and so we ordered a couple things for him that Thunderer quickly grabbed and deemed worthy of her attention.

Given how close they are in age (he turned 2 in October) this was actually a great way to see if he would be interested in the gifts or not.

The reports from my sister-in-law say that they were a success!