Sometimes You Can’t Go Back (Final Fantasy 6 on Steam)

Let’s just bask in the soundtrack for a moment…

All right, from what I read of the comments (yes, I was actually brave enough to scroll down for once) this is the iOS/Android port. I’d been scratching my head on why the sprites looked “off”. This is why.

Even with that abhorrent news (why not use the PSone version with the cutscenes!?) I’m tempted to do it.

Like Earthbound and Secret of Mana, this was one of my gaming pillars growing up. Conquered with one of my cousins (the only one on mom’s side… my children think of him as an uncle).

This game is one of the reasons I feel so much emotion whenever I listen to “The World is Saved” song (yeah, that’s right, I’m linking to it… again.)

The thing is… some things you just can’t go back to.

Since buying both Secret of Mana and Earthbound for “modern” consoles I’ve attempted to expose my children to these games.

They haven’t been hooked.

I’m not going to try and figure out why because the why doesn’t really matter. What matters to me is why should I therefore buy a reskin of a classic that did capture my heart?

There’s only one answer: I shouldn’t.

With news of Final Fantasy 7 being split into episodes I have to wonder if I should venture there either. I’ll wait and see for that one. It was the first Final Fantasy I haven’t beat. More have been added to that list since then, but it was the first. I’m currently still slowly chewing on FF13. Almost done with it too. Final Fantasy X and X-2 were the last ones I managed to conquer.

With great dadhood comes more responsibility. 🙂

Too long didn’t read? I won’t be picking up this FF6 remake. If anything, I’ll throw in my PSone copy and continue to name the characters the same names that my cousin and I named them back in late middle school some twenty plus years ago.


PS. I’ll still be Edgar and he’ll still be Sabin. Redflare is my Terra.

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