Tiger’s Curse Introspection

It seems when I read a good book that it often will leave me a bit introspective.

Such is the case as I complete the first book in the Tiger’s Curse series.

It took me a while to get through it because the first good half is a bit slow. It sets the needed stage but I wonder if some of it couldn’t have been fed through either flashbacks or with a touch more speed.

Here’s the introspection though: I trust my wife completely.

It was such a good series in her opinion that I had purchased the final (fourth) book quite a while ago and intended to give it to her for Christmas.

I should have known better because when she received an Amazon gift card that of course was the book she planned to order.

Having finished Touch and the Sunwell Collection recently before that I went to my ‘to read’ pile and selected this one.

A book series she loved so much that I had to let the proverbial tiger out of the bag for was worth a shot at.

She was slightly disappointed when I didn’t dive into it with the gusto that she ate through book four with.

Then she remembered how slow the opening was.

“It gets better, but I understand if you want to move to something else.”

I trusted her.

I was rewarded.

So your spoiler free review? If you check my read list of books from Goodreads and see that we have similar tastes, then Tiger’s Curse is one to plow through the first half and then enjoy sprinting through the second. Now that we’ve gotten the introductions out of the way my expectation is that the next books won’t feel as laborious in the beginning.

The main characters are interesting to me because the heroine reminds me, yet again of my Redflare.

Strong, independent, a lover of books. She’s grounded in the cynical real that the world has fed her. It yet again made me thankful for the fact that I’ve had her in my life, most of my life. Attempting to battle through that shell of titanium she wears?

It would have been a worthwhile fight, but I’m not sure I’d be as deep inside her armor as I’m allowed thanks to our shared childhood.

Now, on to the prequel book and book two!



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