Cats In A Garage Roof

Returning home from a grocery run I thought “what’s the worst that can happen if I let only the two cats wander into the garage?

It’s a long way from the committee that would come and greet me over the summer.

Well, I found that something could go wrong, so we haven’t let them into the garage since.

Grey, decided to climb up the van and then investigate the storage loft above where the van is parked.

She wasn’t sure how to get down so I eventually got the step ladder and she let me hoist her to freedom and safety.

Her daughter decided to do a little extra exploring…

Red ran the length of the garage and found the between the front of the building and the doors.

We had to entice her out with a piece of ham and friendly whispers of encouragement. She was more frightened of the experience than her mom.



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