Happy 14th Anniversary!

Happy anniversary my love, my Redflare.

Hey look! I had hair! The deer head was not optional where we were. My Redflare is as gorgeous as ever though.

I’m told that the ‘couple’s cake feeding’ was one of “the most gentle they’d ever seen” by the family that were in attendance.

“IloveyouIwanttospendtherestofmylifewithyou” – @redflareh (Her vows thanks to stagefright. She then quickly jams the ring on my finger.) 😀

She’ll never live that one down. 🙂

Since the deer couldn’t come down though, it’d be rude not to offer them some cake!

Yes, she still gets that look on her face sometimes at my antics. I appreciate that she loves me anyway.

So now I’ve hit twitter right around midnight today and then this right after.

I love my Redflare and am proud and thankful that she’s in my life.


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