Bundled Walk

So why do we stay inside a lot more than you’d expect with a baby?

Exhibit A.

Every few steps Redflare has to stop and double check that Thunderer’s legs are still covered with a blanket and that she hasn’t taken her gloves off and thrown them aside.

The pink on her hands in this picture? Marker, not gloves.

It’s nearly an uphill battle to keep her covered.


Cozy Kitty

Since we seem to have hit a short theme on cuddling why not share this one next? 🙂

Little Miss cuddled and held Big Red until she fell asleep in her arms.

Yeah, not spoiled at all.

For the observant ones, yes, that’s a pocket knife in her front pocket. Before she was cuddling with the kitty she was crocheting. Redflare and Little Miss use a pocket knife for their scissor source because otherwise curious little hands my prematurely cut a string. This way they can put away the scissors yet still have them close.



Not to be outdone in the snuggling department Lady Grey and Big Red were caught cuddling.

The picture quality isn’t that great because we were worried that if we stepped out and actually got close then at least one of them would get up.

It’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins!


Big Red’s Warm Spot

In the basement we have a blanket bin for the couch. One can hardly ever have too many blankets.

Red found that right on top of it (only one blanket didn’t fit in the plastic bin) there was a heating vent that blows straight down. It’s therefore the purrr-fect spot to become a content cat loaf.


Plowing Our Way

Returning home from some appointments we caught up to the snow plow this winter.

It’s no wonder the roads are so dangerous when it’s windy out.

I’m glad Redflare was my copilot so that she could get a picture of it.


You May Admire

Lady Grey was hanging out enjoying some calm in the office next to Redflare.

Toddler was asleep, most people were asleep.

She was able to lay back and relax.

And then some crazy lady has to go and start taking pictures of her.

“Grey no like paparazzi!”