Mario Maker: Toddler Review

As a gamer dad, naturally the kids want to copy what I’m doing. Each has had their own preferences as the console generations move on.

TJ was a big fan of racing games like Gadget Racers for the PS2 and Mario Sunshine on the GameCube. He also had fun running my mage off cliffs in World of Warcraft.

Little Miss’ game of choice was also Mario Sunshine (the advantage of being a similar age to her big brother).

Superman’s game of choice was anything from the Super Smash Bros series (starting with the GameCube), which he still loves.

Newbie wasn’t overly interested in games when she was a toddler. She’d play them, but there wasn’t one that really caught her eye. The closest I can think of is maybe one of the Disney Princess games.

Notice a theme here yet? Yeah, I’m not a Nintendo fan at all. :p

But there that Thunderer is, greatly enjoying the game pad and building impossible levels with the tools of Mario Maker.

This game has the toddler seal of approval.


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