You Want a No Makeup Picture?

I’ll give you a no make up picture: of my beautiful Redflare.

I’ve been seeing some random pictures mocking men who don’t know what a real woman without makeup looks like.

I’ll offer my Redflare as my example. She actually isn’t wearing any, and doesn’t need it.

Redflare was attempting to do a smiling picture by the way. There’s a reason people often mistake her “resting face” as “I’m going to kick your ass” face I suppose. :p

This is how I’ve always known her (the lack of makeup part, I’m able to get a smile out of her regularly). I’m wagering rather than thinking of something that would make her smile she’s instead thinking about what else she needs to get done or wondering why Thunderer was suddenly so quiet.

It’s that intensity in her eyes that keeps drawing me in. As I write this I keep getting pulled back up to the picture so I think I’ll simply close this one out before I ramble too much. :p



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