We’re Better Than This (Dear Internet)

Dear Internet,

Knock it off.

That’s right, Dad just got home and has found that not only did you not do your chores but you decided it would be fun to light the neighbor’s yard on fire.

Well guess what, that fire is spreading and now you’re the one that looks bad rather than the neighbor who has extinguished the flames and moved on, leaving those of us who just want a peaceful place to have fun, research, and communicate a mess to replant.

(It’ll come out of your allowance.)

This hive mind mentality of negativity needs to stop.

You go and hide behind your labels of #gamergate (after all, it’s just about making game journalism better, right? :p) or “SJW” (Social Justice Warrior). You attack people, plain and simple. Why? Because they don’t agree with you?

Bad Internet, you’re going to bed without any dessert tonight.

So I stumbled across some twitter trolling recently, and honestly, I’ve had enough.

“So go log off/block/unfollow those people”.

I shouldn’t have to. You’re in my Internet backyard, and it’s time we as a community got the hose and sent your likes home. Here’s the thing too: I’m not even following the people being attacked!

The fight bleeds over into my timeline without me ever asking to be there in the first place.

You know what I had to worry about in the 90s online? That there were literal predators out there who would ask me my address, kidnap me, and do unmentionable things to me.

What’s bothersome is that we didn’t have the capability of really doing that back then unless I was stupid enough to give them that information… and the targeted today actually do have to worry about it! (Doxing and the like).

What drives me nuts is that I’ve been robbed of one of the best terms since ‘white knighting‘ no longer means something positive either.

So how about this: “What would your Mom think if she read that?”

It clearly shows you disagree with what’s going on and hopefully brings back some humanity to the conversation.

What if they attack me instead? For what? You’re trying to remind them that there are people out there willing to stand up. Willing to remind others that it’s not okay to be throwing as much crap around as they do.

No, life isn’t all hugs and rainbows, but that doesn’t mean you have to be totally disrespectful to the strangers on the other side of your computer screen.

Just think about it, please. Don’t add to the mess, but maybe take an action that will make others slow down and think.


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