Blistery Boy

Their school offers learning to skate. We’re sure to sign them up for it and pay for the skate rental every year.

TJ especially likes it… so much so that he ignores his body until he can’t walk on the foot due to the blister.

I think it might also be because the only other person in the entire school with his size feet is actually in high school (while TJ is in 8th grade).

After draining it and putting a “mole skin” on it he was back up and limping after the weekend.

The skating opportunity is awesome though. I’m glad they get it, and so is he, even if there are blisters involved.


One thought on “Blistery Boy

  1. That is hideous!!! Blisters don’t seem like such a big deal but they can become infected. Please take care of your feet my wonderful grandson.

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