A Basketball Adventure

Jumping a little ahead in time, Superman got a “free” ticket to the local NBA team game.

I’m not a fellow that watches sports very often at all. I rarely watch esports either.

If there’s a game to be played, I’d rather be the one playing it rather than watching somebody else unless I have some kind of stake in it.

Probably a curse of being an only child. :p

Superman loved the experience though.

It was a solo adventure with daddy, which in this family is a pretty rare treat for obvious reasons.

Dad watched a lot (and I often went golfing with him as his caddy too). I learned about all these games from him, and on his birthday it’s only right that I celebrate an event that he would have absolutely loved going to.

The souvenir throw blanket with the team’s logo imprinted on it now rests on Superman’s bed as a long term reminder of our adventure together. I’m thankful I got to share it with him.



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