Grey Then and Now

It’s hard to believe that this little visitor managed to worm her way into our hearts so heavily, deliver kittens, and adopt us.

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Rocking Chair Find

Speaking of rainy days yesterday, the rain managed to soak this abandoned rocking chair we saw while driving home from a school function of some sort (yes, we’re more into spring pictures than summer pictures here).

We were able to rescue it, clean it up, and now have an awesome and cozy chair to read in.

Not sure why the previous owners were parting with it, but we certainly were thankful they did.


Redflare’s Rainy Day

It’s a rare treat that everything can align perfectly like this.

Toddler was napping, chores were caught up on, it was raining outside.

Redflare got to take a moment for herself, prep some hot chocolate, and read a book.

Soon the toddler would wake up, the preschooler would return home along with her other siblings, but in this moment she got to take a breath.

I remind her often that she should try to do that, but her personality type isn’t the kind that says ‘I’ll just sit on my butt and do nothing’. Without her this household wouldn’t run as amazingly as it does so I’m just going to take this moment to thank her for all the hard work she does.

Thank you my Redflare. You are appreciated.


Inspirational Image

We stumbled on this image on facebook and really liked it.

It’s a helpful reminder that just because you’ve been through something doesn’t mean that whatever it was doesn’t impact another person differently.

Don’t judge them for handling it differently, just accept that they do.