Sharing Media History: Jem

Jem originally aired in 1985.

Similar to shows like The Littles, Scooby-Doo, Inspector Gadget, He-Man, Cities of Gold, among many others, Jem surprisingly had an impact on this boy who was clearly not the target audience.

Jem is, after all, adventure, fashion, and fame (and music.) It’s the first and the last that probably drew me in, and then I stayed for how awesome Synergy was.

It’s thankfully summer so I got to share the movie with my eldest daughter tonight.

She’s one of my stars.

The movie itself, well, it was good. The company was better.

I’ve attempted to introduce my kids to all the media pieces that made an impact on me growing up. Some stick, some don’t.

Transformers, while TJ has a lot of the toys, they’re out in the garage. Right now Superman resonates with the Power Rangers and Transformers though. (Bubblebee is his favorite).

Jem, well, TJ is probably scared of the show a little bit because he’s a ‘cool, manly teenager’ but I lead by example anyway. Men can enjoy these movies too.

I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoyed the original My Little Ponies as a kid. No, not the Friendship is Magic version, however I can’t say that isn’t a good series. I especially appreciate the ‘equestria girls‘ mostly for the music.

So I’m a “Dadnie”. It’s like a “Bronie” but cooler. 😉 (Settle down fellow stallions, I’d probably appreciate the show on my own too however I don’t find a desire to watch it without my daughters present so I can’t say I’m actually one of you either.)

Anyway, I suppose I was inspired to work on this little past midnight aside post is because I’m thankful that things like Jem do get recycled. I’d likely not have thought to offer the series to my kids if it wasn’t for the announcement of that new movie.

Netflix, to the rescue! Little Miss has been slowly working through the original animated series. We were able to hear some of the nods to the original in the movie together (like opening credit lines).

Next month, I get to share Ghostbusters with them (TJ and Little Miss), in an actual movie theatre.

Media shapes us.

Sure I’d likely be the same person without Jem as I am now, but maybe not. Would I have  been kind to a six year old redhead at piano lessons without the knowledge that she was my equal? Would I have smiled at her and captured her heart?

Can’t say that Jem helped make what I have now possible, but you can’t say it didn’t either.

You never know what will have a lasting effect on you. So fill it with positive energy, positive shows, and don’t take for granted these moments of bonding, eating a soft pretzel with your little girl while watching a movie that felt like it was made especially for the two of you to share.

We put off watching Jem for a couple of nights because I wanted to be sure that when we watched it we weren’t just reading subtitles. It’s a movie about a group of musical girls after all, it’s not a movie to be read. Have to turn the fans off and power through the summer night temperatures.

There was a line in there though: “the scariest thing for a dad is to let his little girl go.”

They’re all mine for a little bit longer. With Redflare’s help I just hope we keep doing right whatever it is we seem to be doing by all of them.

I think we will.



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