Channeling Your Inner Solo

A while back there was a “Nintendo Humble Bundle” at the humble bundle site.

A surprise favorite for me was “Freedom Planet.”

Something that inspired a chuckle was when the character I selected to be the main one said this.

When I play this game I think of a good Sonic game.

At least, that’s how this character feels. There’s even some supposed replayability since you can also be that green character. I have no idea what her move set is.

The bosses I’ve faced so far fit the normal “rule of three” of the platformers of old. It feels great, controls wonderfully, I want to play it further.

Haven’t sat down to do so yet, but perhaps this post will remind me it exists and when things cool off again I’ll have the opportunity to do so.

Until then, if you picked this up in the humble bundle but haven’t looked at it since, here is your reminder to check it out.


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