Ready for Civ VI (Beyond Earth Achievements)

After doing all the yard work today I was exhausted. Probably because I stayed up late in Overwatch and got rank 43… and quickly dropped to 39. :p

Anyway, I usually show off my WoW achievements on twitter so I thought for all these Steam Achievements from Civilization: Beyond Earth (Rising Tide) I’d offer a quick gallery.

It was my goal this time to win via contact victory. I don’t usually go for the domination victory (sometimes it just happens). At this point I’ve now won with all the unique Beyond Earth methods.

 I found this one funny because I didn’t start any of the wars, but by golly, I finished them. Near the end I was wondering if I would get a domination victory because I’d wiped out three leaders and was working on another.

They kept unwisely going to war with me, I guess not expecting I’d have a defensive air force to take out their attacking units. Silly AI.

 I honestly have no idea what I did to trigger this one, but it showed up as an “earned today” achievement. :p

 These are rather self explanatory.

I’m eager to see what Civ VI has to offer now. Perhaps I’ll get TJ to start another Civ V game with me in the meantime.


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